7.0K plays • 28/04/2018

81% rating • 33 votes is a private server for the classic io game that everyone knows for sure, if we are talking about the famous, this game is a clone exactly the same but with several improvements that add other possibilities to the game, and more possibilities means more fun, what are you waiting to try it?

How to play

The objective of the game is exactly the same as in the Diep io, you just have to try to survive and get as many points as possible, for this you have to destroy the colored figures that are on the map, something new that we noticed in this game is the existence of white circles that by destroying them give you a lot of experience that will allow us to level up faster. To level up you have to wait for the lower right menu to be enabled where you can choose which improvements to raise.

Also when leveling to a considerable amount, the option of choosing to evolve to another tank with different abilities would be enabled as well. Take care of the enemies more powerful than you, maybe in some moments it is better to wait to improve your tank before attacking.


WASD - move

Left click - shoot

N - level up
varrs ml


Free For All
Diep Style
Team Vs Team
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