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WarfareRoyale is an incredible multiplayer tank battle io game, in this game you will live the constant tension of being continuously bombarded by other players, try the two available game modes that are: Deathmatch and Last Man Standing.

How to play

The main objective of the game is to survive the other players, but before starting a game you must choose the type of weapon you prefer, you have 3 types of weapons available, which vary in their damage characteristics, recharge time, firing speed , etc.

The gameplay "Deathmatch" is characterized by being a game that does not end, basically the best player is the one that kills more enemies and survives more time. And in the game mode "Last Man Standing" you have to survive all the players, you can not start again once dead, the last player that survives all will be the winner of the game.

On the map you can find trenches where you can hide, the bullets will not cross them, so it is a safe area, among other things you can also find trees to hide under them, and life kits to repair your tank.

We wish you the best luck, you will need it!


WASD / Arrows - move

Left click / Space - shoot
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warfereroyale com


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