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We have a newbie among capture the flag io games - Wingdom io. You play for a bird, pick up the flag and bring it to special setup locations. Avoid hitting anything when bringing the flag, any touch of anything will kill you immediately. There're two teams: red and blue. You aim is to setup as many flags of your team's colors as possible during the round.

How to Play

The major aim is to make your team win a round. Take a flag and bring it to setup locations. Other players will try to fight you and make lose the flag. There're various chests found on the map containing bonuses and upgrades.

As soon as game round ends players receive prize points randomly and a new round (wave) begins. The more rounds you team wins the more honored it is.


WASD to move

Wingdom io is a quite exciting game. It has still some improvements to get, but still it is a great game!
wing dom io
wingdom io


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