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88% rating • 27 votes is a survival io game, you have to survive the waves of zombies that arrive at night, collect resources, build buildings, create routes to maintain your economy, fight against zombie bosses, etc.

How to play

The objective of the game is to survive at all costs and protect your base from the waves of zombies that arrive at night, if for some reason your base is destroyed, you will die and finish the game. You need to build mines to obtain resources, and connect everything with each other, the connections are like routes that will keep your economy running.

You can see while you are playing that you can improve any building, keep in mind that when you improve a building works better, and the maximum limit to improve it is level 7. You can also create buildings to defend yourself as towers of archers, canyons and fences to contain The attacks and prevent them from reaching your base, will be necessary to survive the zombie waves.


WASD - move camera

N - improve buildings

Mouse - place buildings, etc.
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