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66% rating • 3 votes is a io game of space ships, we have seen games of this style, and now add another, choose your ship, destroy enemies, destroy asteroids, get XP, evade black holes and improve your ship !

How to play

First of all, choose the ship you are going to use with different shapes and weapons as different abilities, you have several to choose from and you can customize the colors.

The objective of the game is to get to the top of the table of players by obtaining points for destroying asteroids and enemy ships, by obtaining more points you will level up and if you destroy asteroids you will get two points, one yellow to improve your ship and another green one to restore your health .

Also on the map you will find weapons and skills that you can collect and use. Interesting note, the last player that killed you is marked with red on the map, and if you press space you will freeze the direction of the ship that will help you shoot.


Mouse - move

Left click / Q - shoot

Right click / W - special ability

Space - freeze address

1 to 4 - emoji
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