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2D Paintball is a live paitball simulator. You may choose either the field with several players or fight with bots, if there is a lack of players. The idea is quite simple: one touch and one player quits the game. If you are killed, but any bot from your team is still alive, you may click this bot and take control over this bot. The game seems to be simple, but it is quite difficult. It’s really hard to survive, and it is almost impossible to win unless you are real pro.

How to play

Choose a field (room) where you are going to battle. Other players can join you during some time. If nobody joins, you will fight against the bots. They are really good at shooting! Bullets are flying very fast, precisely and for a maximal distance. It is against physical laws, but it’s a game, so everything is possible. Controls are very simple. You will play several rounds in a row, because the game is exciting and easy to understand.


WASD to move

Click to shoot
2d paint ball com
2dpaintball com


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