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Adventure Land is a perfect RPG. It can be compared only with the Hordes io. Each of these two games has its own advantages. Hordes io has a mass scale (because hordes are huge groups of people), and Adventure Land has a detailed graphics, slow pace and thoroughness. It will take many hours to understand the process and the maximal potential of this game. Stop reading, join the game!

How to play

You can read detailed rules of the game in the section GUIDE. This section is located in the upper right-hand corner. It is written in basic English. Developers recommend to use Chrome browser for better process. If you enter Chrome and switch on the function Automatic Translation, you will understand everything, even if you don’t know English. However, we also would like to participate in the mastering of this super game.


Left click, to move your character.

Right click, to interact with objects on the map. Shoot, if it’s an enemy. Communicate, if it’s a good character. Enter, if it’s an entrance to the pit.

1 – Improve health

2 – Enlarge your mana points

I - Inventory

C – Choose the character

F – Activate the nearest door or the nearest Bot

R – Use your main ability

N – show names

ESC – cancel something or hide the menu

X – teleport to the city

Different types of characters are available. They have different appearance and different abilities. Choose any character, all of them are good!
adventure land


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