10.8K plays • 01/04/2018

81% rating • 49 votes is an io game of shooting in a total anarchy, kill the insects and other players to get money, save it and buy incredible weapons and upgrades for your character. This game has a dynamic that will keep you in constant action, and also has some very good graphics.

How to play

The first time you enter the game you will have a small tutorial that will teach you the controls and the dynamics of the game, but basically the objective is to kill the other players and insects that are on the map. Destroy also the boxes to obtain weapons and special abilities, like more speed. When you kill other players or insects you will get money, which we recommend you to save every so often in the ATMs, because if they kill you, you will lose all the money you were bringing.

Once you get a lot of money, in the main menu you can buy amazing weapons and upgrades. You can even get new characters.


WASD - move

Left click - shoot
anark io


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