4.7K plays • 16/12/2018

33% rating • 3 votes is an worm io game, a game without doubts very classic, but in this we can choose between different styles for our worm and we can also meet a series of objectives that will give us points in the game.

How to play

First choose a style for your worm, you can choose between an interesting variety.

Now yes, your goal is simple, survive and collect the colored points of the map, and also kill other worms to get points and grow your size, take care not to crash into the body of another worm to not die and start from scratch again.

You can use the ability to move fast if necessary, but do not abuse because when you use it you lose your size and become a small worm again.

One of the useful features in this game, is the map where you can see the other worms in a very clear way, in case you ask, your worm is the one that looks bigger on the map.


Mouse - move

Left click - boost
angry worms io
angryworms io


Free For All
Slither Style
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