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About is a fun and intense .io multiplayer dogfight! The graphics are simple and your spaceship is basically a colored triangle but the gameplay is fun and challenging! You must traverse the map and collect stardust - this stardust increases the size of your ship and allows you to level up and become more powerful. Watch out for ther meteors - if you crash into them you will eventually be destroyed.

Also watch out for the mines that float around the map, but make use of the teleportation circles that transport you to a different area. You have a laser and missiles - use them both to destroy your enemies but remember that the laser only has a limited charge and the missiles have to reload. If you destroy a meteor with a missile, they sometimes drop a power-up such as a health pack or improved firepower. How long can you survive in the arena? Can you become the champion dogfighter?


Left click or space bar to shoot laser

W or right click to accelerate

E to shoot missile

Q to boost
astrix io


Free For All
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