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Balloons io is simple and funny game. Collect coins, gems and attack other players. Weapon upgrades little by little during the play.

How to Play

Aim of Balloons io is same as in most io games — get to the top of leaders board and stay there for maximum time. Collect coins — they appear randomly on the map, kill other players and get their collected coins. At left-top corner you'll find weapon update progress bar.

You may use acceleration, but it spends you money very fast, so long accelerations might be very expensive. Above every player in Balloons io there is a personal score, so you may hunt for specific players that have collected many coins. This makes aim of keeping at the TOP harder, since there'll be a lot of enemies trying to kill you for the points. Enemies (as well as you) are killed by a single touch and this makes it easy to lose everything in a second.


Mouse to move

Space or mouse click for acceleration

Balloons io is very simple and still exiting and popular game. There're always someone to fight with for the TOP at any time of the
balloons io


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