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About Barbs.IO

Enter the crazy world of cannibalistic fidget spinners! Barbs.IO is a fun fidget spinner game with a twist. You control a fidget spinner and the aim is to increase its mass and destroy your opponents. As you move around the playing field, you must devour the multi-colored circles by hovering over them – each circle you devour will increase your spinner’s size and mass. Watch out for other player’s spinners – if you come into contact with them you will be destroyed!

You can defend your spinner by shooting viruses that will split and devour other spinners. Furthermore, you can split your own spinners into smaller pieces to improve your collection rate. Watch out for viruses from other players and try to keep moving at all times to avoid becoming an easy target. Can you create an epic fidget spinner that destroys all other opponent’s or will you fall prey to a deadly virus?

Fidget spinner's controls

Use your mouse to move

Space bar to split forward

W to shoot virus
barbs io


Agario Style
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