4.7K plays • 19/03/2018

50% rating • 12 votes is a new  io game from the creators of, in this new game you can play volleyball against another player, it has very animated graphics and music, a very fun and casual game.

How to play

The objective of the game is simple to win a game of volleyball, if you win many games you will gain experience and you will be able to unlock new characters, at first you can only choose between two characters. 

The good thing about this game is that you can create a game to play with a friend, when you click on the "PLAY" button and it will take you to the screen to choose a character, you can see the "CREATE LINK" button on the right side of the screen, click on the button to create a game and get a link, which you have to give to your friend to enter your game.


Arrow left and right - move left and right

Arrow up - jump

Double up arrow - double jump

Double arrow left or right - dash

Arrow down - throw down
beach ball online
beachball online


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