7.4K plays • 04/07/2018

76% rating • 25 votes is a new multiplayer io game, eat cookies to grow your size and become stronger, the stronger you are you can do more damage to other players, become the strongest player in the game.

How to play

The gameplay is easy to understand, move around the arena dodging the other players and bots to survive, eat the cookies on the map to grow your size and become stronger than ever before.

You can also attack other players by biting them by pressing the space key, to bring them to life until they are killed, and there is also an ability available to launch at full speed with a bite, below life there is another bar that shows you the availability of this ability, when you use it you have to wait a few seconds until it recharges.


Mouse - move

Left click / Space - bite

Left click - attack with speed
biters io


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