4.4K plays • 25/05/2017

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Today the amazing blocks war awaits you – another one game from IO collection. You can say there’s nothing new, but you will be wrong. Although the plot is not that original, but its implementation is pretty enjoyable. Try to imagine many moving colored cubes, instead of classical bacteria balls.

But your own cube is much more bigger that stuff. It can absorb these little cubes and gain weight and size with getting scores and getting higher in leaderboard. Unfortunately, it won’t add to you superiority, that’s why the best strategy – is to eat bots cubes and other players cubes. Also, if your cube is big enough, you can shoot them to destroy, but remember – with every shoot you lose your size too!

The game is very easy and you can understand the idea of the game in your first playing minutes! Chatting and competition with other countries’ gamers is one of advantages of that kind of entertainment. Relax and have fun!


WASD – moving cube

LMB click – shoot
block wars io
blockwars io


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