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About Brawlies

Brawlies is a unique arena game up to 10 people, where you collect coins to use your skills to eliminate other players or run away from monster. Your goal is to be the ultimate survivor of the arena.

How to Play Brawlies

Press Z to select fire. Fire deices other players.

Press X to select ice. Ice freezes other players.

Press C to select poison. Poison decreases other players' life.

Press V to select health. Health increases your life.

Press Space to deice yourself.

Each skill has a certain cost.

To use these skills, you need to have enough coins.

So, collect coins to increase your survival chance.

Be aware that skill cost increases with each use.

To fire, ice and poision, you need to aim with the mouse and click.

Don't come close to the monster or he will take a bite.


Use your coins with a balanced tactic since the cost increase as you use your skills.
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