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100% rating • 8 votes is a io game Splix style, where you have to conquer as much map as possible to be higher in the table of players, the player who manages to conquer the entire map, wins the game, although it is very difficult!

How to play

The objective of the game is very similar to games of its kind, you have to conquer the greatest amount of map area. You will start the game with a small island and begin to move automatically without being able to stop, to conquer an area you have to lock it moving and return to the island, this way that area will change to your color.

There are certain restrictions you need to know, first of all, you can not cut the path you come drawing when you move or you will die instantly, therefore, this is also the only way to kill the other players, cut the path they leave when they They move trying to conquer an area.

Remember to use the mini map to know where you are at all times and not have surprises.


Arrows - direction of movement
bricked io


Free For All
Splix Style
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