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About CampCadaver

Campcadaver com is role-based murder game. Roles include murderer, policemen and citizens of the city. Main aim of the latter is to find out who is responsible for night crimes.

How to Play

Your aim depends on role you play in the game. It's assigned automatically as soon as you sign up the game. If you're a murderer (psycho), then your aim is to kill citizens during the night and confuse then during the daytime, so that no one suspect you to be a murderer. Every citizen has to be very attentive to chat messages to be able to feel the lie and find a killer-player.

Creators of the game ask players not to announce the roles neither in the chat nor by any other means. On the other hand it's your game and you can do whatever you want to get the maximum fun out of this game, but try to play fairly.

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