4.8K plays • 12/12/2017

33% rating • 3 votes is a .io game created by the developers of Go! Eat! Bomb! and Spacesymbols, in this new .io game you are a planet with your moons orbiting around you, you will have to attack other enemies that are also planets! to be the largest on the universe!

How to play

To grow, become stronger, and be the best of the game, you should collect stars distributed on the map, but you can also destroy the other players, to kill them you must collide one of your moons against the enemy, or in case that you are more bigger, you can hit it directly, but be careful because your enemy can also do the same! If you are in trouble or need to reach an enemy, you can use the boost ability, by growing more moons will be incorporated to your planet.


Mouse - move

Left click - boost
crapl io


Free For All
Agario Style
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