8.7K plays • 10/01/2018

83% rating • 12 votes is a new .io game that combines different styles to create a very entertaining game, has a similar dynamic to but with ships that shoot and have upgrades like, try this amazing game!

How to play

The objective of the game as in is to cover the largest possible area, for this we will have to go placing the vertices, and then to close the area you must go back to the first vertex and press space again, in this way the area will be created, although be careful because there is a limit between vertex and vertex. We will have the possibility to shoot from our ship at the vertices of the other players to destroy their areas, at the same time we will be vulnerable to enemy attacks, so we must upgrade the ship by generating points to conquer areas, we will have a variety of improvements available.


WASD - move

Mouse - aim

Left click - shoot

Space / Right click - place vertex
defly io


Free For All
Diep Style
Splix Style
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