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You take part in a battle in a fantastic world against other players, with dragons, trolls and other inhabitants. You have to see different locations, different enemies and also choose the thread of the character's pumping. In Game

Each player is given the choice of pumping the character, between magical, physical and additional skills.

You have to maximally properly pump out your character.

How to Play Dotta.IO

The character is controlled by the PCM button. The direction of movement can be specified by turning the mouse. To purchase open skills, you need to select the "Skill Book" and select the ones you want. Use the skills you can with the buttons Q W E R

Dotta.IO Strategy

The game is built in the selection of skills and branches of the hero's pumping. At the beginning of the game you choose a skill that will help you to reach the next level, with each level you can open new skills, from which you can choose the ones that you think are the best. All the skills you can see by clicking on the "skill book". Some skills require crystals, for which you can use them. The crystals are restored automatically. In the game there are bonuses, runes of health and crystals, if you break them you will fill up the maximum number of crystals or health. The game has different locations and different enemies, to defeat them, you must stock up on good skills. Pump up your character and kill other players!
dotta io


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