4.4K plays • 23/02/2018

50% rating • 8 votes is a io game, where two clans of mythological creatures fight to conquer the map, you can choose between the Dragons or the Thunderbirds, choose to fight as a team, or attack all those who stand in your way of being the strongest and largest creature on the map!

How to play

First of all, choose your creature, be it a Dragon or a Thunderbird, the objective will be the same, fight to survive and gain experience to level up, and become stronger and bigger. To get experience you have to kill the other creatures and also collect the gems scattered on the map. Do not forget to defend yourself if your life goes down a lot, you will be vulnerable and easier to kill.

Each creature has its advantage and disadvantage, try the two to know them and see which one fits better to your way of playing. We wish you good luck!


Mouse - move

Left click - attack

Right click - defend
dragz io


Free For All
Team Vs Team
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