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0% rating • 0 votes is a new .io game of cards, is the classic game of Russia and Ukraine, the name that means silly is the title of the last player to get rid of his cards, now you can play this fun game online with your friends or strangers!

How to play

The rules are the same as the classic game, the last player to get rid of their cards , lost the game, the game can be played between 2 to 6 players. When the game starts, 6 cards are dealt to each player, and the trump cards are shown, the one with the least trump card, starts the game. Each turn consists of attackers and defenders. A card that is not the trump may be attacked by a higer card of the same suit, or any trump card, a trump card may be attacked by another higer trump card. When the first attack card was played, the player can only play cards of the same suit. If the defender wins all the cards, and the attacker does not play anymore, all the cards are placed in the discard pile, if the defender does not beat the attacker, the attacker will follow him with more cards, after that the defender goes to take all the cards from the table. For more data, look in the rules section of the game.


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