6.7K plays • 23/01/2018

75% rating • 8 votes is a .io game where you must go through different screens avoiding obstacles, leveling up while you gain experience and helping other players to reach the maximum possible screen.

How to play

Choose one of the available heroes and move from the beginning of the screen to the end, dodging the gray circles, if a gray circle hits you, you will be left unconscious for 10 seconds, in which if a partner touches you, you can return to the game, Otherwise you will die and you will have to start over. Collect the colored dots scattered on the map to gain experience and level up your hero, through level ups you will be enabled improvements for your hero. Use your skills to avoid evil circles.


Option 1

WASD - move

JK - skills

Option 2

Arrows - move

ZX - skills
evades io


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