5.6K plays • 03/03/2018

92% rating • 13 votes is a super io game, we can notice the great quality that they put on this game, it seems a combination of and, the objective is to collect the gems to build the biggest ship possible.

How to play

The objective mentioned above is to collect the gems and build the biggest ship of the game, to collect them we will have to go to the mines with the drones of your ship, but be careful because some will have guardians defending them, so look carefully if the Sorry, maybe at first you have to stay away. When you get the gems you can buy parts for your ship and improve it.

We are looking forward to adding more possibilities to this game, PvP, conquest battles, capture the flag, etc. We have a great one who came to stay!


WASD / Mouse - move

Left click - interact, mine, attack
exo craft io
exocraft io


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