9.9K plays • 13/12/2017

77% rating • 22 votes is a multiplayer PvP .io game. The map is divided into different zones according to the level of difficulty, each zone has its own creatures, from cows and rabbits, to dragons, wolves and inculsive ogres. The player by changing level will acquire different, and more powerful weapons, show your supremacy in this great .io game.

How to play

Kill the monsters and other players scattered throughout the map, when you kill the monsters you must collect the dots they leave to level up, we recommend not attack players of higher levels than you, since they will kill you without problems. By going up level you will be easier to kill monsters and enemies, you can also play better in other areas, try to reach the top of the table.


Mouse - move

Left click - attack

Right click - boost
fightz io


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