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62% rating • 8 votes is a capture the flag io game, fight with your team to capture the enemy flag and defend yours, knowing how to play as a team is the key to winning in this game.

How to play

The objective of the game is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to your area of ​​the map, since the map is divided into two, one zone for the blue team and another for the red team.

When you start the game you will leave from your base, use the arrows on the sides of your character, to find the flag of the other team, you can also see an arrow to your flag in case you need to go for it, in case the other team capture.

Once you capture the flag you will be slower than normal, for which you will be vulnerable, and this is where you realize that playing in a team is the key to winning. To help your teammates you can touch the enemies to freeze them and in case they freeze a team mate, you can touch them to defrost them.

If you arrive with the enemy flag to your area of ​​the map, you will get your team to win the game.


WASD - move

Space - drop the flag
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