47.9K plays • 13/04/2018

85% rating • 462 votes is an io game, you have to survive and evolve from one species to the other, you will start being a mosquito and you will go through many different evolutions, a very fun game without a doubt.

How to play

Put your name and start the game, start the game as a mosquito and in the top bar you can see your life, what you eat, and your current score, fly to move and find what you can eat. When you eat what you can you will get points and you will be able to go up to the next level, in which you will change to another bigger animas. Be careful of crashing into other players because you can be your dinner and die. Get to the last evolution and get many points to position yourself in the first place.


AD / Mouse - move

Left click / W - fly
fly or die io
flyordie io


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