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In a world where you can fly a spaceship and kick butt — one space captain (you) must destroy the endless hordes of enemies (not you).

Kill them all. Every. Single. One. Be the champion you always wanted to be. Be the hero that gets your lover’s attention. Be the main role in that documentary about you that will never exist. The galaxy needs you. The internet needs you. Your slow to take-off career on Youtube needs you. So do it — go play the game and claim what is yours, because reading about this game is not getting you there.

How to Play

Check the ‘Info’ section on the home screen for the full lust of controls and features. Strategy

Follow our Social Media for cheat codes to unlock certain ships and other rewards.

Each kill gains you 1,000 bits that can be used to customize and purchase new ships. Find the ship that works best for your playing style, team up with friends to take out larger targets, and make use of the chat in the bottom left to coordinate your attacks.
galax io


Free For All
3D graphics
Team Vs Team
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