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About is a fun and fast-paced multiplayer game that takes inspiration from the hugely popular The aim is simple - you control a large dot and you must move around the map while trying to increase your mass. To increase your mass you simply collect the various coloured dots scattered on the ground, and also eat other players dots.

To collect more dots and to surround your enemies, you have the unique ability to split your dot into smaller sections. You can choose different colored and patterned skins for your dot, and you can also give yourself a nickname and a clan tag. When eating other players, remember that you can only consume a dot if has a smaller mass than your own - don't get caught out! Jump into the arena today and try to create the largest dot on the server!

How to play

Select a server

Move around and eat other players or scattered dots to grow


Use your mouse to move

N to quick respawn

E to macro feed

T to sixteen split

G to double split

S to stop movement
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Free For All
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