4.1K plays • 28/11/2017

60% rating • 5 votes is an .io game where your character is a ghost that has different powers, you will fight against other players who are also ghosts. You can appreciate the 3d graphics but seen from above, the powers are visually cute, you can choose what feature of your character upgrade, by going up the level.

How to play

Use the mouse to move on the map, left mouse button to shoot your power, left shift to use the boost in case of running away or reach another player.

Kill small blue ghosts to get mana, and pink ones to change weapons.


Save your mana to use it only when necessary, you can use it to escape other stronger players. Keep your gun secret until last moment!

Circle attack is the most powerful to attack closely.

Spread is the best weapon to attack the little ghosts when you are very powerful.

Homing is the best weapon when you are weak.


Mouse - move

Left click - attack

Left shift - boost

1, 2 and 3 - upgrades
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