9.1K plays • 12/12/2017

67% rating • 40 votes is a game .io of spaceships and exploration of the solar system, the game is in an early stage of development, every day are added new improvements that allow us to enjoy more of this great spacecraft simulator, the ships are built from blocks with different functionalities, hub blocks, thrusters, power generators, suspension, etc., the limit is your imagination!

How to play

You will start as a small block on a planet that looks like the earth, surrounded by other players that try to crash you to use your parts, join the blocks with question mark to your ship and take them to the different planets distributed in the solar system, to turn them into blocks with different functionalities, then you can grow your ship and modifying it, to be the biggest of the solar system! but beware of the colossus of the solar system, yes the sun!, if you touch it, you will die. Also take care of your energy, until you do not have blocks of energy you can not make long trips, remember to take care of the energy of your ship.


Arrows - move

Mouse - drag blocks/view block information
glap io


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