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33% rating • 3 votes is a .io game about viruses, yes sir you are a virus and your goal in life is to multiply and become immune to all medicine. Become the most harmful virus that has ever existed!

How to play

You will appear as a small group of viruses, press space to know where your viruses are, with the mouse you can point to where to go and also look at the map to find your next victim. Attack the red cells to kill them and reproduce, you will have to be careful of the defenses that will try to destroy you.

Your score will depend on the red cells you have infected and the immunity to the antiviral medicine. Remember that cells with larger white membranes will be more difficult to infect, and cells with black membranes will be immune to your virus, for this you will have to mutate your virus before the host is immune to your virus.

The white cells will go after you to hunt you, the more viruses destroy you the bigger and slower they will be. When the host is ill, he will use medicine that you can see on the map as green, blue and purple circles. Be careful with medicine because they will kill your viruses, but if you save your resistance it will grow more and more.

When the host gets sick your infected cells will be irradiated, if your host uses a lot of radiation you will get cancer which is the brown cells, which are weak, but they reproduce quickly, find them and kill them before they kill your host!


Mouse - move / move camera

Space - find viruses

T - show help
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