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About is an intense multiplayer game with pixel graphics. In the game you and your team must eliminate the other team in a gunfight. Join either as a counter-terrorist or as a terrorist. The first team to accumulate 25 kills wins the battle. Crouch behind an object to protect yourself from the enemy's fire. To shoot, you need to enter scope mode; this mode has a very limited visibility and you will have to stand up (which means your body is exposed and vulnerable to an attack). In certain maps, you can pick up a rocket and use it to deal high damage. Back up other team members to ensure victory. Good luck!

Developer is an io game developed by Tiny Dobbins (Nikita Borisov).

Character controls

AD or left/right arrow to move

Up and down arrow to go up / down a ladder

Right click to use your gun's zoom

Left click to shoot and use a rocket (by clicking the icon)
gun fight io
gunfight io


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