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Haxball com is a football in the style of io games. The game is simple but exciting. You will enjoy it. There aren’t any lags. There are some rooms that are used as football fields. Create your own fields or join somebody, to play with friends. The game has a charming atmosphere, the colors are pleasant, and you can record your best matches. So, it is a really popular io game.

How to play

The aim of Haxball is to throw as many balls as possible to the enemy’s gates in time frames of one round. To start a new game, choose the game room and enter it. If the room is protected with the password or packed with players, you will be asked to choose another room. You may either play or watch other people playing, both your friends and strangers.

If you want to play a private game with your friends, create your own room and protect it with a password. The maximal number of players is 22. The minimal amount is 2. From time to time, you are offered to play global matches in 2 teams of 11 people each, or mini matches face to face.

The game is simple and available, so it a perfect game for football fans and io lovers.


WASD to move

Space to kick

X to speed up
hax ball com
haxball com


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