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0% rating • 0 votes is the classic Minesweeper .io game style, with the possibility of playing multiplayer with other users at the same time, all together on the same map fighting to conquer all of the map!

How to play

For those who know the classic Minesweeper, the gamemode is almost the same, in this game we are on a map shared with other players, and our goal is to conquer as much area as possible, but be careful because the map is full of hidden mines, and if we touch a mined square we will die in the act, to know where are the mines, we have to look the number over the tiles, that number will tell us the amount of bombs that surround it, in this way observing the rest of tiles contiguous we can calculate where are the bombs, and mark it to not forget where it is.


Press and drag to move.

Left click/tap to reveal a tile.

Right click/hold to mark a mine.
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