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JUKE, is a "capture the flag" online game.

There are two kind of match: Classic and Deathmatch.


Objective: Be the flag carrier during 10 seconds to score points or capture all towers with the golden flag.

How to play:

- The flag starts in the middle of the map, the first JUKER that captures it, is the carrier.

- If the carrier dies, the flag return to the middle.

- If other JUKER kills the carrier he becomes the new carrier.


Objective: Score 3 points before your opponent.

How to play:

- Each One team have their own flag and have to defend from their enemies.

- You can't score if you don't have your flag in your base.

- You can kill your enemy if they have your flag or if you have the attack power-up.

- If you steal the flag under the defense power-up, they can't kill you.

- use towers to defend your base
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