4.6K plays • 01/03/2018

63% rating • 11 votes is a very interesting io game, it has a game mode similar to that of, eat and grow, but here no one can kill you, the only way to die will be if you eat inedible planton, put on the fins of a fish and live life like them.

How to play

The objective of the game is simple, eat and grow, luckily the other players will not be able to kill you as we are used to in other games, in this game the only way to die is if you eat green plant, that will intoxicate you and lower your life, you can see the level of your life in the bar that is at the bottom left of the screen, in case of intoxicating you eat white plant that will help you recover life. You already know what it takes to play, we wish you good luck, future little fish!


Mouse - move
koichan io


Free For All
Agario Style
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