6.0K plays • 13/04/2018

69% rating • 23 votes is an io game to conquer the largest area of the map as possible, play with other players at the same time, customize your character, earn points and have fun.

How to play

Before starting the game try changing your character's style, you can change the weapon, the color, add a helmet, etc. Some improvements to your character's style require points that are earned at the end of a game, you can earn points for killing other players and for the amount of area you conquered.

The objective of the game is to conquer area of the map, kill other players and survive the attacks, to conquer an area move outside the squares of your color to mark a suit, return to your safe area and close the area, passing to be yours If a player collides with the trail you leave, you will die instantly. This is also the way to kill the other players.


Mouse - move
losts io


Free For All
Splix Style
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