13.3K plays • 13/03/2018

86% rating • 44 votes is a io game of battles to death, with the style lately more and more famous battle royale, where the map will go shrinking forcing you to face the enemies, here is no place for cowards, will you reach the end? Play now this great game to prove it!

How to play

The gameplay is the same as the classic battle royale game, you have to collect weapons that are on the map and try to survive, the last player standing wins the game. You can also use special abilities, run and change weapons. If your life goes down too low, it may be convenient to hide until it regenerates. We wish you good luck, you will need it.


Mouse - move

Left click / Space - shoot

Right click / W - run

Scroll / Q - change weapon
m o b g io
mobg io


Free For All
Battle Royale
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