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About Munera, the public arena

Munera io is a simplified version of the Treasure Arena. Nevertheless, the game has its own charm. There are no experience points, upgrades or complicated weapon selection. This game is completely dedicated to exploring and fighting. However that doesn't mean all those are not going to be added in the future updates.

How to Play Munera

WASD + mouse

In the menu on the starting page you may switch between mouse and keyboard controls. Mouse is not very useful because you will have go get close to an enemy first and then shoot. Keyboard is a more convenient way (keys for moving and mouse for aiming and shooting).

Munera Strategy

There are three starting characters in the Munera io: Warrior, Archer and Wizard, each has its own weapons and characteristics. To play Munera io only a mouse is enough, but it's better to have both a mouse and a keyboard.

The main goal of the game is to collect golden points, they give score points. Coins are spread all over the map and seen even through the fog of war. Also coins are left after killing a skeleton or an enemy. XP leads to level upgrade that improves damage and health levels + character gets bigger (as like in Agar io styled games). Advantage of this game is that even first level player can compete with more advanced players.
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