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100% rating • 2 votes is an io game of space ships, enlarge your army of ships and fight against other ships, try to where you can grow your army of super ships. A simple game with nice graphics.

How to play

You will start with only two ships and you will have to collect the colored diamonds that are on the map to get another ship for your squad, in the bottom left of the screen you can see how many diamonds you need to improve the squadron, and in the top left of the screen you can see the amount you have at this time, when you have the necessary amount press the button 1.

The main objective is to obtain points to be higher than the other players, in this game you do not have to aim or shoot, automatically the ships dodge objects like asteroids and shoot at diamonds or enemies. Press the space key if you need an impulse, but keep in mind that it will only last 3 seconds.


Mouse - move

Number button 1 - improve squad

Space - momentum
nebulaz io


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