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72% rating • 18 votes is a io game of survival in a big city, this game can make us remember The Sims, you have to be aware of sleeping, eating, making money, happiness, etc. Try to survive and have your virtual life!

How to play

First of all, you can customize your character on the main page of the game, changing the style of your hair, the color and the tone of your skin. When you have your character ready place your name and click on the "Play" button, the way to play is how The Sims will have to be aware of the vital levels of our character, but it will be more difficult because we appear on the street and with nothing of money, and in this game everything you want to do is worth money, so the most important thing is how to get money.

To get money you have several ways, you can find dollars thrown on the street, you can kill someone, or the smartest, work. And to work you can find a room with some computers, sit on them and start generating money!

Then when you have money you can buy food, a place to sleep, clothes, and even buildings that depending on what you can generate money when other players use it. And so every time have more and more money and be the richest person in the game. We can also improve the skills of our character. Remember that before dying you can buy a successor in daycare with many skills.


WASD / Arrows - move

Left click - hit

Enter - chat

E - use

M - map
nend io


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