3.8K plays • 11/01/2018

0% rating • 1 votes a new .io game of spaceships, fighting to survive in outer space, get on your ship and start playing this fun game.

How to play

When you enter the game you will have an immunity time of 10 seconds until you move or shoot, the objective of the game is to be in the first place in the standings, you will get points if you shoot an enemy or if you kill him. Your ship has a shield that can be improved by destroying asteroids, but be careful not to hit anything or your shield will decrease. There are three weapons scattered on the map: HomingPhoton, PlasmaBomb and CloakingDevice, find them and try them to know what they are about.


WASD / Arrows - move

Left click / Space - shoot

S / Arrow down - place pump
orbit war space
orbitwar space


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