5.3K plays • 13/12/2017

62% rating • 8 votes is a .io game of simulation of space launches, we find our ship, ready to start the takeoff and get to orbit the earth, the controls are not easy, they require a good skill, and you have to be careful because the ship can explode if it collides with other ships, the asteroid belt, or space junk, one of the best simulators of space launches turned into a .io game.

How to play

When the player plays anonymously, the objective of the game will be simple, we will have to try to orbit the earth and reach the leader that will be marked by a blue circle. For the players who registered they will be able to carry out missions that will be appearing, they will also be able to play as a guest, as you complete the missions you can upgrade the ship and customize it. We warn you this game is not for novices, we recommend you use the shift button at the beginning, to slightly change the trajectory of your ship, or the impulse.


W or Left Click - speed up

Space or Right Click - rotate ship 180 degrees

A or D - Add an angle to the trajectory

Ctrl - camera

Shift - Slightly change the acceleration or trajectory
orbity io


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