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72% rating • 18 votes is a new survival game i ion an arena full of expert players in the handling of spears, collect points and kill other players with your spear to steal their points, show your skill and accuracy.

How to play

The goal is to survive the most amount of time and accumulate many points, to get points pick up the colored dots that are in the arena, but be very careful of the other players, you are surrounded by thousands of them, and they have very good aim.

Throw your spear towards a player to kill him, sometimes by distance it is necessary to calculate the movement of the enemy, where he will meet when the spear reaches him. If you throw a spear you can use the ability to slide fast to avoid it.

Keep in mind that when you hurl your spear, it will not return alone, you have to go and look for it and if another player grabs it before you will have to move through the sand until you find one on the ground.


Mouse - move

Left click - throw spear

Right click - speed
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