Paper Battle

3.9K plays • 20/01/2018

77% rating • 9 votes

Paper Battle is a multiplayer game where you will have to conquer the largest possible area of the map, to position yourself in the first place of the table of players, this game has the same style as the famous

How to play

Use the arrow keys to choose the direction you are going to go, keep in mind that you can not stop at any time, just choose the address, therefore, you will have to be on alert all the time. Enclose an area around you to make it your area, when you are in your area no one can hurt you, you can also conquer the area of another player. To kill another player you must hit the wake that is leaving when you leave your area, at the same time this will be your vulnerability so be very careful when you go out to conquer more area.


Arrows - direction

paper battle
paper battle


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