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Have you ever wanted to cooperate with thousands of other individuals on an epic infinite drawing canvas? Pixel Canvas IO allows you to do exactly that! This drawing game provides you with an unlimited blank canvas that you can draw on cooperatively with players from around the world. The canvas is persistent and you can see other people's creations - without playing yourself, you could spend hours just looking at the fantastic creations others have drawn.

It is only possible to place 1 new pixel every 1 minute and 45 seconds but this timer decreases as you move towards the centre of the canvas. What will you decide to draw? Will you create your own designs or help others improve and expand their drawings? Pixel Canvas IO truly tests your imagination and allows an unparalleled level of cooperation so get drawing!


The closer you are to the center, the shorter the time delay before you can place another pixel.


Left click to choose a color and draw.

Space Bar or G to toggle the drawing grid
pixel canvas io
pixelcanvas io


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