6.8K plays • 12/12/2017

61% rating • 13 votes is a .io game of battle of robots, in a three-dimensional map, with robots very well detailed and with realistic physics, your robot will lose the part of the body according to where they shoot you!

How to play

We start on a map with 4 teams, usually two players per team, the goal of the game is to conquer the control points and kill the enemies to get points, the team with more points wins the game, you can find secondary weapons distributed on the map, keep in mind that depending on where you shoot you can destroy part of the enemy body, if you shoot them in the arms you will leave them without a weapon! The same goes for you so be careful!, use the shield to protect yourself from enemy bullets. At the corners of the maps you can repair your robot.


WASD - move

Left and right click - shoot primary and secondary weapon

E - change of weapon

Space - shield
robo storm io
robostorm io


Free For All
3D graphics
Team Vs Team
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