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78% rating • 28 votes is one of the most famous io games that exist, the objective of the game is to survive the other players in a closed arena, while you control your worm, you must eat the colored points to increase your size and reach the first position of the table of players getting points.

How To Play

The objective of the game is to eat the colored dots found on the map, to increase your size and be the biggest worm of the game, or otherwise much more dangerous you can try to kill other players to grow much faster, because you get more points killing other worms, or you can go aimlessly waiting for the moment at the indicated time and eat the colored spots that release the giant worms to die, or be the best opportunist in the game.

Although you think that you are at a great disadvantage in front of the giant worms, it is not so, any small worm can kill even the biggest worm that exists, all you have to do is cross your path and when it crashes against your body, will become your food instantly. But run because you will not be the only one waiting for him to die.

Use the space button to increase the speed of your worm, but keep in mind that you will lose mass and you will become much more and more of a boy.


Mouse - move

Space - increase speed
slither io


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